Screen with motor - "Congress-S

Flame retardant DIN 4102-B1, available in various formats
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Product description

The Congress-S is an extremely high quality projection screen, which is ideal for use in the field of congress and event. It is characterized by its special sizes up to 12 meters and its technical equipment.

There is a revision possibility of the entire projection screen without disassembly (up to W 600 x H 400 cm). Depending on the format of the projection screens, the Congress-S is mounted in a robust sheet steel housing (from W 15 x H 15 cm) or in a galvanized housing from a width of 6 meters (from W 30 x H 30 cm).

You can get the projection screen Congress-S in different formats and designs.
The projection screen Congress-S is designed for ceiling mounting by mounting brackets on the outer sides of the housing. The intelligent mounting technology allows all service and installation work without dismantling the entire large projection screen and without further on-site inspection opening (up to W 600 x H 400 cm).

If ceiling mounting of the projection screens is not possible in your premises, wall brackets can be ordered. However, if the existing facility does not allow direct wall mounting, you can get wall spacers. If the projection screen is to be installed flush with the ceiling, optional ceiling installation kits are available.

Important note regarding DIN 56950-4 - All projection screens over 5 meters are equipped with a safety catch and safety limit switch as standard. The built-in switch meets the requirements demanded in stage technology. Thus, all necessary criteria for the tendering and testing of mechanical equipment in operating facilities are already fulfilled in our standard design.


  • Formats up to 1,200 cm available
  • for ceiling mounting
  • Wall brackets optionally available
  • Image wall surface Polar GS - flame retardant, meets the requirements of DIN 4102 - B1
  • Construction DIN 56950-4: 2015 Safety requirements and tests for ready-made image walls.


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Product nameScreen with motor - "Congress-S