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projection screen with motor - "Scala II

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Product image projection screen with motor - "Scala II

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Every projection screen must fit the room conditions so that you can get the maximum benefit. The Scala II premium roll-up screen is the optimal solution for school, office or conference rooms. It can be mounted visibly on walls or ceilings, as well as in suspended ceilings. There is a revision possibility of the entire projection screen without disassembly.

The standard color of the aluminum housing (W 12.5 x H 12.5 cm) is RAL 9016 Traffic White. Other colors are optionally available according to RAL Classic, please contact us!
Visible wall/ceiling mounting or in suspended ceilings?
For visible wall or ceiling mounting, you can use the Quick mounting set for quick and easy installation: position - hook in - secure. Mounting grooves on all sides of the housing give you flexible mounting options; perfectly adaptable to the respective conditions on site. Vertical readjustment of the housing is possible.

For picture walls that are to be installed flush with the ceiling, we recommend our professional installation system for suspended ceilings with pre-assembly frame.
If the existing furnishings do not allow direct wall mounting, you can order wall spacers for this purpose. With Scala II you have the revision possibility of the entire projection screen incl. technology without disassembly. Simple installation in suspended ceiling systems, without additional on-site inspection openings.


  • aluminum housing W 12.5 x H 12.5 cm
  • powder coated in RAL 9016 traffic white
  • revisable without disassembly!
  • Mounting grooves on all sides of the housing allow flexible mounting
  • motor drive: 230V/50Hz - cable exit is on the top right side from projection point of view
  • formats up to 400 x 300 cm available
  • Screen surface: Polar - meets the requirements of DIN4102-B2
  • for wall/ceiling mounting, optional: installation system for suspended ceiling
  • Design according to DIN 56950-4 : 2015 Safety requirements and inspections for serially manufactured projection screens

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Product nameprojection screen with motor - "Scala II
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