Motorized height adjustment - barrier-free - "Lecturer's desk 2"

Barrier-free lecturer's desk with motorized height adjustment
Item number: 83600150
Product image Motorized height adjustment - barrier-free - "Lecturer's desk 2" 83600150

Product description

The key feature of our product, the Lecturer's Lectern 2, is its sophisticated design, which enables complete accessibility. This gives speakers everywhere, whether at universities of applied sciences, medical facilities, universities, banks or local authorities, comprehensive access and unrestricted opportunities for use during their presentations.

As presentations and lectures are becoming increasingly important in today's world, it is all the more important that the basic requirements for the speaker are right and that as much comfort as possible is provided. In order to adapt the Lecturer's Desk 2 ergonomically to the height of each speaker, a stepless, motorized height adjustment of 30 cm is possible. The speaker has complete legroom in the middle.
The elegant lectern 2, which is equipped with adjustable feet, has two base cabinets for accommodating 19" technology (max. 8U each). Various technical devices can be accommodated here. The base cabinets can be locked for the safety of the technical equipment. The lower front panel can be removed for inspection.
The basic equipment includes a connection panel (HDMI, USB/LAN, 3.5 jack stereo and 230V socket) in the desk top on the speaker's side.

(Standard: Body RAL7016 anthracite gray, front panel RAL 9007 gray aluminum, base plate: RAL 9005 jet black, desk top: Weidbuche H1910 ST9)


  • Made in Germany
  • Ergonomic
  • Integrated cable management
  • Barrier-free
  • Motorized height adjustment of approx. 30 cm
  • Modular design, many additional options
  • Can be customized visually

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Icon electrical height adjustable
Motorized height adjustable


Item number83600150
Width 2350 mm92.5"
Height 800 mm - 1100 mm31.5" - 43.3"
Depth 800 mm31.5"
Weight 248 kg546.7 lbs
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