Light screen with scissor joints - "Cabinet-G"

for installation in the floor or in pedestals, available in various formats
Product image Light screen with scissor joints - "Cabinet-G"
Product image Light screen with scissor joints - "Cabinet-G"

Product description

The Kabinett-G projection screen is a built-in system for mounting in e.g. sideboards, media cabinets and floors. Due to the low installation height, the very space-saving variant can be almost integrated into the environment. The projection screen is mounted on a steel base support.
You can get the built-in projection screen in different formats and designs.

The installation takes place in sideboards existing on site or otherwise arbitrary installation possibilities. A profile can be attached to the upper end strip of the cabinet G (with max. 500 g per running meter). The profile enables you to completely close the projection screen with the built-in furniture or similar when it is retracted and it is hardly visible.

The projection screen is extended from the bottom to the top. When the projection screen is no longer needed, it can be easily and safely retracted into the built-in furniture by motor drive. The robustly designed scissor joints ensure the excellent flatness of the screen when extended.


  • Formats up to 400x300 cm
  • Base support: W 28 x H 19 cm
  • installation depth: approx. 28 cm
  • Installation height: approx. 24 cm
  • Screen surface Polar GS - flame retardant, meets the requirements of DIN 4102 - B1
  • Construction DIN 56950-4: 2015 Safety requirements and tests for prefabricated screen walls


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Product nameLight screen with scissor joints - "Cabinet-G"
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