Display stands with casters or adjustable feet - "VST-D" series

Available in different versions and for different loads
Product image Display stands with casters or adjustable feet - "VST-D" series

Product description

The VST-D series can be placed in room corners or in the middle of open spaces. Through the color design options of the column and the base plate / foot, the display holders can be integrated into any room concept.

The VST-D is ideal so that you can move almost all display sizes by grid, manually or motorized 50 cm in height. Whether for a display up to 86" or for two displays with max. 55"/65".
The decision whether the display should be height adjustable by raster, manually or motorized 50 cm is up to you. We will be happy to help you make the right choice.

In the variant with latching, the display can be mounted in 5 positions. The VST-D manual, on the other hand, allows you a stepless adjustment. Per fine adjustment, the height of the display is adjusted with an Allen key through the spindle adjustment.

The motorized variant guarantees you a stepless adjustment of your display up to a maximum load of 130 kg. The ball-bearing running carriage ensures very smooth running, as this is guided between two aluminum profiles.

All of our motorized display stands are equipped with an on and off switch. This is attached to the LCD mount and is discreetly located directly below your display. This makes handling as easy as possible for you.

To guarantee you a flawless look, the system's own cable management takes place inside the column. The cable outlets are located in the base plate and in the lower area of the removable rear panel. There is also an integrated holder for a mini-PC (additional device). Ventilation slots are located both at the top and bottom of the column.


  • Made in Germany
  • For a display up to max. 86"
  • For room corners and open spaces
  • Integrated cable management
  • Load capacity up to max. 130 kg
  • For two displays with max. 55 "/65"
  • 50 cm height adjustable by raster, manually or motorized
  • Optically customizable

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Max. Vesa
800 x 600


Item numberN/A
Product nameDisplay stands with casters or adjustable feet - "VST-D" series
Vesa horizontal100 mm - 800 mm
Vesa vertical100 mm - 600 mm
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